ORD-PIT (410 Miles)

I was on the same exact flight as the week before, but had dramatically different results. At T-24 I logged into the AA app and my ticket had some dropped off my PNR so I was unable to check-in. After spending a few minutes on hold they were able to reattach my ticket to my record locator, BUT I was still unable to check-in or receive my boarding pass. Even worse, I was unable to do so online and was forced to….. CHECK IN AT THE AIRPORT! This mostly bugged me as I was unable to use the shortest ORD security line located in the United Terminal. When I got to the airport I had to wait for a kiosk and when I finally made it to one and checked in, the kiosk ran out of paper. So, back in the line I went. I was finally able to print my boarding pass and got a decent seat and arrived in PIT for another week of work.

PIT-ORD (410 Miles)

My flight out did not go very well. I arrived at the airport with enough time to get on an earlier flight out since it was delayed. I made it though security and to the Admirals Club, but because PIT’s club is a former US Airways club their systems are unable to speak with American Airlines properly and I was unable to get on the earlier flight. This would not have been a big deal, but my flight ended up being delayed exactly 2 hours for a late inbound arrival. More time was spent in the PIT airport that I would have liked, but I made it back to Chicago for the weekend and earned valuable EQMs along the way. The lesson is: If you are seeking post-security ticket changes go directly to the gate!