As the Holidays and the year come to an end I am constantly reminded that I did not attain my goal this year to reach American Airlines Executive Platinum status. However, I was able to learn more about Frequent Flyer miles, Hotel status, and Credit Card points than I ever thought possible. I am still just as passionate about flying today as I was when I decided to start writing about it, but need to do a better job of making this site a priority.

In the year to come, I will set out to re-qualify for AA’s Advantage Platinum status, but will also introduce other programs and talk about the various advantages of each. One of the toughest lessons learned this year was how quickly the value of Points and Miles can decrease if your program of choice decides to institute changes.

Another lesson learned is not to put all of your eggs into one basket. I have over 200,000 AA miles at the time of posting, but miles can be difficult or even expensive to use. For example, I had planned to book a trip to Hawaii with a friend and pay for their flight in miles. I learned quickly that unless they were willing to make an airport change or have an overnight layover, I could not use the Mile Saaver level to book their flight.

Lastly, I will try to go more into the decision making process of booking a particular flight and try to pass along any helpful tips that I have picked up in the past year in order for the readers to have some amazing experiences of their own.

I already have a few flights booked in 2016 and look forward to another great year of earning and hopefully burning miles and points.