Today I woke up to some great news from my favorite airline. American Airlines announced improvements to the existing Admirals Club network. If you visit the Admirals Club you quickly realize that certain clubs are far less appealing than others. The Admirals Club in Pittsburgh is the worst one I’ve visited yet, but the Dallas/Fort Worth D location is amazing. I personally like the design that American has chosen and can’t wait to visit some of the updated clubs.

I frequently visit the Admirals Clubs in Phoenix as it’s an easy airport to build in a stop when traveling West. The locations are less than appealing, but served their purpose. I learned today the PHX club located near the A gates is finally completed and the space looks great in their photos.

I am also excited about the opening of the Houston and Orlando locations. Flights to Houston from Chicago can typically be inexpensive on American as there is a lot of competition with United. Flights for under $100 to Houston can be great for Mileage runs, but considering there is no lounge at Houston, I never had any interest in sitting in the terminal spending money on beer while I wait for my next flight. I hope to visit the lounge when it opens later this year.

As I’ve mentioned in other posts. The Admirals Club is not the best airport lounge out there, but as American continues to update existing location and open new locations I appreciate the complimentary access to the lounges from my Citi Prestige card.

Have a favorite Admirals Club? Let me know if the comments sections below.

Safe Travels!