In the past year, I’ve opened a frequent flyer account with almost every US airline, hotel chain, and carry a credit card from several different banks. I started a spreadsheet with all of my reward program numbers and mile/points expiration dates. This sheet quickly grew too large to maintain with any accuracy so I looked for a better solution.

AwardWallet.Com does exactly what I was trying to accomplish on my own, for free. It’s a very easy website to use. The first step, after signing up is to link your reward accounts. On the left hand side of the homepage is a link to “add a new program.” You enter your rewards information and passwords and after a few seconds the account is linked. Passwords are saved either locally on your device or on AwardWallet.Com’s secure servers. I personally opted to save passwords locally on my device since I was slightly worried about putting so much personal information in one place.

Once you get all of your accounts linked up, when you log in and access the homepage, you will quickly see all of your accounts, account balances, activity since last login, and expiration dates. The homepage is conveniently sorted and groups reward accounts by Airlines, Credit Cards, Hotels, Shopping, Dining, Trains, Cruises, Surveys, and Other. Looking through the list can also be helpful in learning about reward programs you didn’t even know existed! (ex. Build-A-Bear Workshop)

Some programs, such as British Airways Executive Club do not automatically update because of some system limitations, but you can install a google chrome extension to fetch the data and the miles will update when the extension is run.

AwardWallet.Com is by far the easiest way to track all of your rewards programs, it helps keep me organized and onto of expiration dates. If you are looking for a way to keep track of your ever expanding network of miles and points I highly recommend giving AwardWallet.Com a try.

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