DFW has several Admirals Clubs to choose from and thanks to the airports rapid transit system, getting between terminals is very convenient. When flying through DFW it is often difficult to chose a club to visit with so many options. Below is a quick guide to each location.

DFW Terminal A

The Admirals Club in Terminal A used to be the old international terminal Admirals Club. The Club is quite large, but offers no views of the airport. It is by no means claustrophobic due to the large size of the club. The Club has a fairly small bar located on the far end of the club, several TV viewing locations, ample seating, and spaces to get some work done. This location also features a “secret door” which leads to a quiet room which very few people know about. It is a perfect area to sit back and relax. If you are traveling with your family, this space could also be great for kids assuming no one else is there.

The terminal A location also features a small gym! I have to admit, it is kind of weird having a gym in an airport lounge, but before or after a long flight it is nice to go for a quick run to stretch your legs. The club also features amazing showers that are usually available!

All of the Admirals Club locations in DFW feature similar and standard food options: Cookies, Brownies, Cheese, Veggies, Soups, etc.

DFW Terminal B

The Terminal B Admirals Club is the most underwhelming location at DFW, but is usually very quiet/empty and features the same food/drink as other locations. This location has some views of the Airport, but definitely not the place to go if you’re going to be doing some plane spotting. The only time I’d visit this location is if I had a short layover and was flying out of the B gates.

DFW Terminal C

This location is conveniently located near the middle of the C terminal. Majority of my arrivals into DFW have been into the C terminal so this location is perfect for a quick stop between flights. This location does not feature any special amenities, but does has a special “children’s room” if you have kids that would like to play in between flights.

DFW Terminal D

This is the new International Terminal’s Admirals Club. The Club is positioned right above the D gates and offers great views of the runways and large jets below. It is a great place to spot AA’s 777’s and 787’s. (if you’re into that kind of thing) The Club features showers, standard food options, ample seating, full bar, workstations, children’s room, and Flagship Dining. The Club is spacious, but often crowded in the mid/late afternoon due to international departures. Of all the locations in DFW this is by far my favorite. All locations offer the same food/drink so I figure I might as well get a good view while I wait for my flight.

The showers are nice, but if you’re visiting the club to freshen up, I recommend heading over to the Terminal A location as the showers are a little more enjoyable!

All of the DFW locations are a great break from the hustle & bustle of the airport. I get access to the locations through my Citi Prestige Card and if you’re frequently in and out of DFW the card is definitely worth looking into. The great thing about DFW is you are always fairly close to an Admirals Club. I hope this guide helps you if you ever find yourself at DFW overwhelmed by the selection of airport lounges.

Safe Travels!