If you want learn about all things travel, Flyertalk.com forums is a great place to start. The featured portion of the forum is the Miles & Points section of forum. I personally check the “Mileage Runs” forum as often as possible to find incredible deals! Members post throughout the day and all topics are coded by Airline, Origin, Destination, and Price. A topic header typically reads AA: ORD-MIA $150 R/T. This tells the reader they can get a round trip flight from Chicago O’hare to Miami International for $150 on American Airlines. Usually within the topic, you will find the dates of travel and often members will exploit the fare for additional stops or added mileage.

The Flyertalk Forums also discuss Hotels, Credit Cards, Airline Specific Topics, Rental Car Programs, and other various topics related to the travel industry. These specific subsections of the forums can be a great resource to learn about upcoming changes to loyalty programs. Often members post issues with their travels and other members will post advice on how to correct the issues.

The Forums also offer a community of travelers. People post their travel pictures, travel reviews, travel advice, etc. Almost anything relating to travel can be found somewhere in the Flyertalk Forums. Often when planning a trip you can look at forums relating to the destination and get a better understanding of how much a cab into the city will cost, or if it makes more sense to use public transportation. The forum is also a great way to learn about the airline your flying on or hotel you’re staying at if you’re not familiar with either.

Often if you have a question about travel, you can type in the question into google followed by “Flyertalk” and bring up a conversation regarding your question to get the best possible answer. Ex. Terminal 5 to Termina 3 Transfer at LHR FLYERTALK. This brings up a whole conversation regarding transferring from Terminal 5 to Terminal 3. It is a great way to find travel related answers.

Another unique aspect of the forum is the community section. Fellow Flyertalkers meet up for dinner or drinks at various times throughout the year. Its a great chance to get out and meet others who share your passion for travel!

I wanted to write a quick post to share Flyertalk.Com with anyone that doesn’t already use the site. I love flyertalk.com and wouldn’t know nearly as much as I know about travel if it weren’t for the website forums. I hope all of you can find as much value in the site as I have.

Safe Travels!