I frequently write about some of the more interesting places my I’ve been fortunate enough to visit, but I often leave out some of the lessor known cities that I must visit for work. Recently, I was lucky enough to visit Mayville, Wisconsin and I was shocked by how much I enjoyed my stay.

Mayville is a tiny town in central Wisconsin, that sits just to the east of the famous Horicon Marsh. The Horicon marsh is home to some of the best Birding in the mid-west. I personally do not bird, but there were plenty of people visiting happy to share stories of their day on the Marsh. Mayville is also home to various industrial companies, including MECShootingSports.

I stayed at the Mayville Inn, a local 29 room hotel just on the outskirts of Mayville proper. The hotel was built just over twenty years ago by a retired couple and it has a ton of charm. I was not sure what to expect, but I absolutely loved my stay. The rooms were very clean, the bar and sitting area were fantastic places to escape the quiet room, and the freshly made cookies daily were a great treat after a long day.

The other, more expensive hotel, is the Audubon Inn. Named after the proper birding nomenclature, the Audubon inn offers slightly more upscale accommodations and direct interior access to the best restaurant in town. The NOLA North Grill is located in the lobby of the Audubon Inn and offers fantastic traditional New Orleans meals. Jambalaya and Beignets are musts, but the Beat Salad was fantastic as well. NOLA has a rotating selection of craft beers which I enjoyed while learning more of the history of Mayville and while learning more about Birding as a hobby.

Mayville is not the most interesting town that I have ever visited, but I loved the hospitality and access to outdoor adventures offered by the small town. Conveniently  located just an hour from Milwaukee and just 3 hours from Chicago, Mayville is a great place to rest while spending a week outdoors birding or hiking through the Horicon Marsh. If you are lucky enough to spend some time in Mayville, I suggest staying at the Mayville Inn and spend some time talking to the owners about fun day trips around the area, they are truly wonderful hosts.

Safe Travels!