If you travel for a large organization, changes are you are required to use a corporate credit card for all T&L (Travel & Leisure) expenditures. If you travel regularly you may even be spending upwards of $10,000 a month! It’s disappointing that all of the points earned on corporate credit card are not yours to keep. There is a way, sometimes, to earn those points yourself! Most major companies block users from personally earning points on corporate card purchases, but some do not. It is worth calling the credit card company and asking them if you can personally pay the annual fee to personally earn the points on your corporate expenditures.

If your card is not blocked, you have to pay the annual fee and setup an online profile to track the points. Sometimes when the account is closed all points are forfeited, etc. The takeaway is that if you use a corporate travel credit card that offers a loyalty program (American Express Green Card) that it is worth a call to the credit card issuer to see if you can personally pay the annual fee and collect all of the rewards points associated with the account.