Welcome to MilesandMoore.com! This post is a little different than most as it has nothing to do with Miles and Points, but has more to do with this website. There have been many changes in the past few months and have chosen to change the name and the website URL to reflect my vision of this website going forward. While I realize changing the name might cause some confusion, I believe the name more accurately reflects my vision for this site.

In late 2014, I set out to achieve American Airlines Executive Platinum status in 2015. I was a newly minted Advantage Gold member and found joy in finding cheap airfare on American and other OneWorld partners to achieve my lofty goal. I decided to create a website that would document my flights as I set out on my mission to earn American Airlines top tier status. My posts were infrequent, I had no intention for anyone to read the site, but rather wanted a place to journal about my experiences. I quickly noticed how much I enjoyed writing and slowly readers began to read and “follow” the site. I continued to post infrequently

In July of 2015 I hit 50,000 miles for the year, I was slightly behind schedule to reach Executive Platinum status. I left my job in pursuit of new opportunities, but quickly realized my chances of hitting Executive Platinum were impossible. As my air travel slowed, I began posting more regularly about travel news, hotels, trips, and credit cards. Once I started posting more frequently, more readers started viewing the website. Some of my most popular posts were unrelated to my original intentions. Readership continued to grow and I realized my original name “TheFlyerExpert” did not accurately reflect the future of this website. I decided to change the name once more, but this time, change the URL to make it official.

Miles & Moore is a truer representation of the content I wish to publish. A significant portion of my posts will continue to be about air travel and miles, but readers will notice an increase in posts relating to hotels, loyalty programs, credit cards, and city reports. I appreciate all of the follows, comments, and views received in the past few months and hope the new name more accurately reflects what you can expect from this site. I hope those of you that have been following or reading from the beginning will continue to enjoy the content that I publish and always look forward to receiving comments / recommendations on how to improve. Thank you so much for reading and supporting this site.

Safe Travels!

– C. Moore