Marriott Lifetime Status is a lucrative offer from Marriott to retain status for life if you frequently stay at Marriott properties. Marriott offers lifetime silver elite status to members who have stayed at a Marriott Property for 250 nights and have earned at least 1.2 million points, Marriott lifetime gold elite status is earned after 500 nights and at least 1.6 million points, and Marriott lifetime platinum elite status is earned after 750 nights and at least 2 million points. Earning lifetime status is a great perk of staying loyal to a brand and lifetime status from Marriott can be very lucrative, especially lifetime platinum elite.

The benefits of Lifetime Platinum Elite are as follows:

  • Ultimate Reservation Guarantee: If for any reason, Marriott can not accommodate your stay, Marriott will pay for your stay and you may receive additional compensation for the inconvenience.
  • Guaranteed Late Checkout: Lifetime Platinum Elites will receive late checkout as late as 4pm.
  • Guaranteed Room Type: Marriott guarantees your room/bed preference when you book your hotel.
  • 48-Hour Guaranteed Availability: Marriott will guarantee you a room up to 48-hours before your stay.
  • United Airlines MileagePlus Silver Stats: As a Marriott Platinum elite, you earn reciprocal status with United Airlines for free.
  • Guaranteed Platinum Arrival Gift: Platinum Elites earn a welcome gift or welcome points when they arrive at each hotel.
  • 50% Bonus Marriott Points: After each stay, Platinum members earn 50% bonus points on top of the points earned on their stay.
  • Lounge Access/Free Breakfast: Enjoy free breakfast at Marriott locations or access to the Marriott lounges which offer free meals throughout the day. If no breakfast is offered, bonus points will be offered.
  • Room Upgrade: If available, lifetime elites will receive a complimentary room upgrade during their stay.

There are additional benefits listed on Marriott’s website, but these are most valuable in my opinion. Personally, I find the lifetime United Silver status the most valuable benefit of all. I do not often fly United, but when I do it would be nice to have the benefits that come from being a Silver Elite.

Frequently staying at hotels can often be frustrating, but by remaining loyal to a specific brand travelers can often earn incredible benefits, such as lifetime status, which make the stays a little more enjoyable. The extra points earned by reaching Platinum Elite Status can make a future vacation hotel stay significantly more enjoyable and often free.