The most highly anticipated credit card of the year, the Chase Sapphire Reserve, finally has an official application page at The card technically was accepting applications on Sunday, but the online application page did not go live until earlier this evening. This application page confirms the 100,000 signup bonus offer discussed in prior posts and on several travel blogs.

What happens if I do not get instantly approved?

Some have reported receiving instant approval when applying for the Chase Sapphire Reserve card, but many others have received a message stating their application needs further investigation and they can expect to receive an application decision within the next 30 days. I received a similar message when I recently applied for the Chase Sapphire Preferred card a few months ago and was approved just a week later. There is no official criteria for getting approved, but it appears the biggest reason for a denial is the dreaded “5/24 rule.” The 5/24 rule states if you have opened 5 credit cards in the past 24 months you will not be approved for a Chase credit card. This is bad news for Churners, especially considering the 100,000 signup bonus is one of the largest ever offered from Chase.

Should I apply for the card?

I’ve discussed this extensively in prior posts, but you should absolutely apply for this card. Even if you do not have plans to keep the card long term, the signup bonus and travel credits make the card well worth any hit to your credit score.

Chase Sapphire Reserve vs. Citi Prestige vs. American Express Platinum Card?

I will write a throughout comparison of the above cards, but right now the Chase Sapphire Reserve card is the best premium credit card on the market! The signup bonus is far superior to those offered from the other two cards and the annual travel credit is higher than the others as well. The $450 annual fee may seem high, but if you fully utilize the benefits of the Chase Sapphire Reserve and qualify for the signup bonus, you will easily get that value back in the first year.

Also, I promise this will the the last post covering just this card! I know I have covered the card extensively the past few days, but it is a very exciting card and signup offer and I hope no one misses the opportunity.