After remaining extremely loyal to American Airlines for over two years I have once again become a free agent! It is definitely a weird feeling knowing that I will not retain status with American Airlines, but I am excited to try new products and hopefully begin to understand why so many people despise American.

In the Legacy Lowdown series I hope to explore serval topics in which I will compare various aspects of each airline. I will try to compare the airlines’ websites, booking experience, loyalty program, booking award travel, mobile apps, airline experience, lounges (United may be tough), and in-flight experience among others. Hopefully by the end of the series I will be able to crown a clear winner (in my opinion) which should help myself and others decide if loyalty to a particular airline is a good idea, if you are better off as a free agent, or if you should consider becoming loyal to another airline (like Spirit!).

For starters I will stick to the big 3; American Airlines, United Airlines, Delta Airlines. I will share my opinions and experiences along the way. Some opinions may be skewed due to privileges earned by achieving status with an airline or through credit card benefits, but I will try my best to remain neutral throughout the process. Eventually, I may expand to low cost carriers such as Jet Blue, Southwest, Spirit, and Frontier, but for now I will stick to the Legacy carriers (after all its in the name).

I look forward to sharing my experiences and opinions and hope to learn a lot from my travels as well as your comments. Thank you in advance.