I am roughly 19 days into my Delta Airlines Status Challenge and just today received confirmation that I have qualified for Delta Medallion Silver status (8 segments). It has been very easy to rack up segments with Delta since I am based in Chicago and am almost always required to stop on the way to my final destination. My most recent trip to St. Louis gave me 4 total segments and a chance to check out Delta’s new Sky Club in concourse B at ATL airport.

MDW – ATL (Airbus A319)

The first segment was on a very new Airbus A319! The interior looked fantastic and featured Airbus’ new larger overhead bins. It was the first time I had ever seen the larger overhead bins and was relieved to find plenty of overhead space even toward the end of the boarding process. The flight was slightly delayed (it seems majority of my Delta flights have left late), but we arrived at ATL airport with plenty of time to connect.

This flight was also my first opportunity to try out the free wifi provided by my T-Mobile One service. Wifi was fairly fast for average web browsing and the free in-flight texting worked seamlessly (even though I prefer to be left alone on flights).

ATL Airport Connection

It seems a 45 minute connection at ATL Airport just is not long enough. I had to take the “Plane Train” from Concourse F to Concourse B. Transferring between concourses was incredibly easy, but left me no opportunity to visit any of the Delta Sky Clubs located at ATL airport or relax before my second flight of the day.

ATL – STL (Boeing 757)

I picked this flight for the opportunity to fly on a 757. I can’t remember the last time I was able to fly on a 757 especially for such a short flight. I also was lucky enough to get “upgraded” to Delta’s Comfort + in seat 19E (middle seat). The seat features nearly unlimited legroom, but because it is an exit row the tray tables are in the armrests which limit seat width. I also really enjoyed the seat because it faces the crew’s jump seat. It is always a pleasure to speak with the crew and learn a little more about the ins and outs of the airline industry. I also notice it often yields a little extra attention during the beverage/snack service.

A major complaint about Row 19 on the Boeing 757 was the proximity to the large exit door which became incredibly cold in flight. Although the extra legroom is wonderful, I would most likely avoid this row if traveling on a transatlantic flight.

STL – ATL (Boeing 737)

As a newly minted (trial period) Delta Medallion Gold member I was “upgraded” to a middle seat in Delta’s Comfort+ a few days prior to departure. I checked available seats often prior to departure and was able to swap for an aisle seat the morning of my flight. I prefer a window seat, but after a complimentary beer and Biscoff cookie (no, they do not pair well) I had no complaints. The flight went smoothly and before I knew it I was on the ground in ATL rushing toward concourse B to visit the Delta Sky Club.

ATL – MDW (Boeing 717)

Similar to my STL to ATL flight, I had been “upgraded” to Delta Comfort+ days prior to departure and was able to swap to a window seat. I put upgrade in quotes because I do not really think a middle seat with marginally more legroom is an upgrade from my existing window seat or exit row seat. I obviously appreciate the free alcoholic beverages, but due to the short nature of the flights I was not really able to take advantage of them.

I have also mentioned before how much I like the MD-80, MD-90, and 717. I love the option of sitting on the side of the plane with only two seats. I prefer window seats and only have to ask one person to move is a nice convenience.

Final Thoughts

The best part of this trip, besides the new Delta Sky Club in ATL, was the ability to try out 4 separate airplanes in the Delta Airlines fleet. One thing I have noticed in my brief time flying Delta is the lack on consistency in the airlines hard product. Some flights offer seat-back entertainment and others do not. Every flight I have been on so far has featured in-flight wifi (much better than American Airlines) and all passengers have the ability to steam directly to their devices through the Delta Studio app. Also, Delta features true power outlets for charging devices on majority of flights I have been on so there is little risk of running out of power halfway through your movie. I have noticed when trying to pick flights using Google Flights, it clearly shows which flights will feature in-seat power, seat-back entertainment, and in-fight wifi.

Overall, I was excited to rack up 4 segments very easily and do so while visiting my family back home. I now only need a few more segments to earn Delta Medallion Gold status and am excited to visit other Delta hubs in the process.