• Today on my flight from MSP to STL when I logged onto the airplane WIFI I was informed via the picture above that T-Mobile was sponsoring one hour free Gogo WIFI on all enabled flights from Today (Tuesday Nov. 22) through Saturday Nov. 26. The promotion enables passengers to “Fly like a T-Mobile Customer” during the days leading up to and after Thanksgiving 2016. The promotion requires non T-Mobile customers to simply enter an email address in order to access the free hour of internet.

I recently switched from AT&T to T-Mobile specifically for the free in-flight internet and texting from T-Mobile One. The hour of free internet allows for web browsing and social media, but does not allow streaming to services such as HBO Go, Netflix, or YouTube.

All passengers will continue to have access to free Gogo inflight entertainment (Movies, TV, and Music) weather or not they sign-up for the free hour of internet.