Several months ago when I switched jobs I was handed on of the worst laptops in existence (dramatic) to be used as a traveling work computer. The laptop was perfect terrible for work and even better worse for personal use, but that all changed when the latest software “enhancement” effectively blocked any remotely interesting website from loading on the laptop. This meant I could no longer watch binge Netflix at night, view any form of social media, or most importantly access my own website! That is when I decided it was time for me to purchase my second iPad (the first one, which I owned for 2 months, was misplaced on a flight to Las Vegas).

Enter iPad Pro 9.7

When Apple announced and released the original iPad Pro I was very excited by the new tech, but could not wrap my head around the size of it. So naturally I was very excited by the announcement of the 9.7″ (same as the iPad Air) model. I loved the magnetic keyboard/cover and was intrigued by some of the hardware specs. Then after a few months of trying to decide between then new ultralight MacBook with the strange new keyboard and the iPad Pro 7.2 (which I still did not trust myself not to lose after the above Vegas incident) I decided to go with the iPad. It’s been a few months since I made the purchase and I want to talk about a few of the pros and cons of the device and explain why I would or would not make the purchase again…

What I Love About The iPad Pro 9.7

  • Charger: The iPad uses the same charger as other Apple devices. Between my laptop, phone, and Verizon Jetpack I have to carry 3 different chargers. When trying to decide between the iPad and a MacBook the appeal of only needing one charger for my phone and device was a huge plus.
  • Keyboard Case: Although the specialized “Smart Keyboard/Case” is a little expensive at $150.00 it really has proven to be a nice keyboard. The keyboard takes a few minutes to get used to, but after a while typing becomes easy. The keyboard/case is also sealed which protects it from any accidental spills that may occur on a flight while typing. Also, it is really nice that the keyboard does not need batteries like other iPad keyboards.
  • Battery Life: Although I am mostly browsing the internet or watching/streaming movies I have never been at a loss for battery power. The battery will easily last for a 5+ hour flight.
  • Size: The larger iPad is simply to large to use gracefully on a flight. I love the 9.7 inch size and when using the device on a flight there is ample room on the trey table for the airline provided snacks and a drink. The iPad Pro is also impossibly light which makes carrying it around in my laptop bag much easier than carrying a second laptop.

Issues I have With The iPad Pro 9.7

  • Keyboard: I am very used to using a PC laptop where the control button is struck with your pinky finger, but for some reason Apple decided to make that key a shortcut to international (emoji) keyboards. Although useful, I often times replace text with an emoji when trying to bold, italicize, or underline.
  • Mobile OS: The operating system is fantastic, but I much prefer the operating system on Mac laptops. Often the mobile versions of websites just does not work as well as the desktop version.
  • iCloud: I turned it off… I am old school and sync my device to my MacBook Pro at least weekly. I got tired of running out of cloud storage space and never knowing exactly where a photo I took lived. Sure, this might be an aged thing, but I still much prefer syncing things the old fashioned way to my MacBook.

Final Thoughts

I have been extremely happy with my purchase of the iPad Pro 9.7 inch. I absolutely do not use it to its full potential, but for streaming, browsing the internet, social media, and writing the device has been perfect. Although the “smart keyboard” is a little difficult to get used it, after a short learning period I find I am able to type on it nearly as well as a standard laptop keyboard. Sure there are cheaper Bluetooth options available, but not having to worry about if the keyboard is charged is one less thing I have to worry about while traveling.