Just over a year ago Google Flights instituted an update which allowed users to book Lufthansa flights directly through the Google Flights interface. The update happened shortly after Lufthansa implemented a ~$15 fee for booking through an online travel agency and it has been noted that booking through Google Flights does not incur the added fee. Surprisingly since then Lufthansa was the only airline to offer this feature, but just a few days ago Virgin America, now part of the Alaska Airlines Group, became the newest airline which allows users to book directly with Google. The process, detailed below, is extremely easy and I am surprised more airlines are not allowing this feature.

Searching For Flights

Google Flights is my go to resource when searching for flights. It is extremely easy to type in your origin and travel dates to explore destinations using the “Explorer Map” or to find the best days to travel using the Price Calendar, Flexible Dates, or Price Graph tools when your origin and destination are known. Google Flights also makes it extremely easy to chose specific airlines or airline alliances and class of service.

Since Lufthansa and Virgin America are the only two features allowing this feature at the moment I limited my search to Lufthansa flights only. Once you find dates that fit your travel needs, you scroll down to the bottom of the page and select the option to “Book With Lufthansa Through Google.”

Entering Your Information

If you already maintain and are logged into your Google or Gmail account, after selecting the option to book through google, you will find a summary of the flights you have chosen and the option to enter in your personal information. In most cases, especially if you have booked through Google before, you will find your Name, Gender, Birthday, Frequent Flyer Number, Email Address, and Phone Number already stored. Any changes to this information will be saved to your profile when you click “Save & Continue.”

The second page asks for your payment information. Again, if you have payment information already stored in your Google profile this form will auto-fill. If not, simply enter your payment information and again click “Save & Continue”

Review Booking

After entering your personal information and payment information you will be directly to a page to review your entire booking. The page also presents the airline’s (Lufthansa’s) terms and conditions for you to review. In the middle of your information and the terms and conditions is a button to “review booking.” After selecting the “review booking” option you will be taken to the final page of the booking process.

Confirm Purchase

On the final page of the process you will be asked to “Confirm Your Purchase.” Google notes by selecting the “Confirm Your Purchase” you are agreeing to Google’s terms & conditions and Privacy Policy as well as the airline’s terms & conditions, privacy policy, and charge/cancelation policy. From there, your full card information will be passed on to the airline and the airline will then charge you for the full amount. The airline will then send you a confirmation number to your email address as if you booked the ticket directly with the airline.

Final Thoughts

I cannot understand why more airlines do not allow this feature, but I am somewhat glad they do not. I spend too much time playing around on Google Flights and could see myself buying way to many airline tickets given how easy Google Flights makes it to buy airfare!

On a serious note, booking through Google Flights is incredibly simple. It is great that Google stores your personal and payment information and can apply it to which ever airline you chose to book with. If you do not have an account with the airline you are booking with you must enter all of this information every time you book a flight!

As always, make sure to store a card which earns bonus points on all airfare such as the American Express Platinum Card (5x), Chase Sapphire Reserve (3x), and Citi Prestige (3x) cards to maximize your purchase!