I am by no means George Clooney from “Up In The Air” when it comes to traveling, but I generally average 5 flights per months (60 flights for the year). That means I go through security at least 60 times, listen to at least 60 boarding announcements, and watch at least 60 safety demonstrations. One of my favorite things about flying American Airlines with In-Flight Entertainment systems was watching the safety video instead of hearing the flight attendants rattle off their dry safety spiel.

After watching this video literally 100’s of times, first introduced in 2012, there was an odd sense of comfort when watching it. As Ryan Bingham says in the movie, “All of the things you probably hate about traveling – The recycled air. The artificial lighting. The digital juice dispensers and mini pizzas stacked to their head lamps are all warm reminders that I am home.” For me, it was the old American Airlines safety video which provided that sense of comfort. Once that video popped on I knew the delay was over and I was finally heading home. It was the final reminder that I could finally sit back, relax, and enjoy my flight.

Well, as is the case with the pre-2017 American Airlines AAdvantage program, all good things must eventually end. Earlier this year, about the same time I broke up with American for greener pastures (Delta), American introduced a new safety video and I find myself missing the old one. Specifically I find the new one a little too “busy.” I miss the simplicity of the old one. I am sure over time I will learn to love (accept) the new safety video, but for now each time I board an American flight with In-Flight Entertainment I will think back to the old video and remember all of the enjoyable flights which reminded me how glad American was to be my airline!

What are your thoughts? Do you prefer the new video to the old one?

New Video Link

Old Video Link