Recently JetBlue further shook up the domestic airline industry by announcing from yesterday forward the airline is offering free, gate to gate, high speed wifi on every one of its 925 daily flights. The free high speed Fly-Fi is offered to all passengers regardless cabin or fare paid. It is a welcomed improvement of a world in which travelers wish to always remain connected.

What To Expect?

If you have never flow JetBlue airlines before there are several in-flight entertainment options offered to all passengers with the addition of JetBlue’s new free Fly-Fi according to JetBlue’s recent press release. Features include:

  • Free high speed internet which allows passengers to Email, browse the web, and steam content from gate to gate.
  • Free Movies on all aircraft.
  • 36 Channels of free DirectTV through seatback IFE systems on all E190 and A320 aircraft.
  • 100+ Channels of free DirectTV & video on demand through IFE systems on all A321 aircraft.
  • 100+ Channels of SiriusXM Radio in every seat.
  • Access to stream video content through Amazon Video.
  • Earn 3 TrueBlue points when shopping at in the air or on the ground.

As airlines continue to enhance cabins on older aircraft and it appears JetBlue is the first to do so with their entire fleet. This news means customers no longer have to be disappointed to discover if seatback entertainment or wifi is not offered on a flight. Also, since JetBlue utilizes ViaSat service customer are able to enjoy the free wifi from gate to gate opposed to only utilizing wifi while in-flight from other provides such as Gogo.


Final Thoughts

In-flight wifi is an ever growing demand from customers. Some airlines are still in the process of updating their fleet to include wifi services and most other airlines require passengers to pay an additional fee to access browse the internet, access email, or utilize messaging services. The recent JetBlue announcement of free high-speed wifi for all passengers comes very shortly after Alaska Airlines (Virgin America) announced free messaging services onboard all flights. Clearly airlines believe the ability for passengers to be connected is in high demand and are updating their fleets and offerings accordingly. Personally, I love the ability to connect during a flight, but also enjoy the sense of isolation that comes from turning my phone to airplane mode and staring out of the window while flying through the clouds. Either way, I definitely look forward to giving JetBlue’s new Fly-Fi a try in the hopefully near future.

Featured Image courtesy of JetBlue