Subscribers, loyal fanbase, random stranger who stumbled upon this site while perusing the wordpress reader much too late at night,

I have officially moved to a new site: MooreWithMiles.Com

I had been using the MilesandMoore site for several months, but was afraid of copyright infringement with the Miles and More loyalty program. When I first started this website years ago, then TheFlyerExpert (apparently a guy that makes amazing flyers…), I never imagined the growth in readership that I’ve had over the past year. I knew if I want to continue writing (which I do), I would eventually have to migrate the site to a new host, setup a new domain, etc. etc. I also needed access to a few more plugins and theme settings not available on WordPress.Com.

As a result, I have finally transferred all of my old posts (which will continue to live here for the time being) to MooreWithMiles.Com. Nothing else will change, I will continue to write about Credit Cards, Airlines Miles, Hotel Points, and my personal travels as I have been doing for the past 2 years. I sincerely hope you continue to subscribe, but if not I wish you all safe travels in all aspects of life.

All the best,