I’ve been trying to post more and moore over the past few weeks. I really enjoy all of the positive feedback I receive from friends and family about the content on my site. One of the things I miss most about MilesandMoore is the community I built here. Many of you started reading my posts ages ago and I hate knowing many of you who helped this site grow are not apart of it any more. I have decided going forward, I will try to put a weekly post on this site with links to a few of my favorite posts over at MooreWithMiles.com!

  1. A brief introduction to American Airlines Platinum Elite Status
  2. How to fly Emirate First Class at a huge discount!
  3. Quizzle: My favorite Online Credit Report provider
  4. My experience using the 4th night free benefit from the Citi Prestige Card
  5. A showdown between 2 US Bank Flex Perks Credit Cards.

I appreciate each of you who take the time to read any of my content and even more appreciate those who leave comments or provide valuable feedback.

Safe Travels!