ORD-DFW (810 Miles)

I decided to take a last minute flight to Portland to see a friend. I booked the tickets just 4 days before departure and was still able to get a round trip flight for just around $200. The catch, was flying through DFW each way and the return was Superbowl Sunday (not a popular time to fly). I was very excited that it finally gave me the opportunity to stop in the American Express Centurion Lounge!

When I arrived in Dallas in the A terminal, I took the skytrain to terminal D and tried to find the lounge. The lounge is located in the center of the D terminal above the shops. There are sign’s directing you toward it, but it wasn’t exactly easy to find. When I arrived I was informed of the various amenities, including the Spa! I did not have time to take advantage, but will keep that on my to-do list for future visits. The food was amazing, if you have the option between the Amex and Admirals Club lounges. I would definitely pick the Centurion Lounge. The food, the alcohol, and the space itself is better, but it was very crowded.

DFW-PDX (1,610 Miles)

This was a rather bumpy flight. Flights going over the rockies always tend to be a bit turbulent, but the weather in Portland was not great leading to a bumpy flight. The cloud cover was thick and low, I was unable to see the ground until a few moments before touchdown. I felt bad for the women next to me, she was really not happy about the turbulence, but I tried my best to talk to her and remind her that it was safe.

The weekend in Portland was beautiful. The weather was sunny and clear on Sunday, the above picture is from the top of a hill overlooking the city with Mount Hood in the background.

PDX-DFW (1,610 Miles)

First, I’m sad that Portland changed their carpet. The old one was so famous, but the new one is equally weird and I’m sure over time the new carpet will catch on. I was lucky enough to fly out of the C terminal. My gate was far away, but it allowed me to sit at the end, overlooking the runway and watch planes line up for arrival and land. I love watching as the planes line up for arrival.

I was upgraded days before the flight thanks to my AAdvantage Platinum status. The flight was great, an older 737, but still very comfortable. The flight crew was incredible! I love when you’re around a crew that truly loves what they do. As I deplaned, one of the flight attendants asked if I was on the 10:00pm to Chicago. I was confused, but it turns out that I would have the same crew for my flight to ORD.

Once in Dallas, I stopped in the Terminal D Admirals Club. Since I wasn’t hungry or thirsty, I didn’t have any desire to visit the Centurion Lounge. I was happy to be in the large and mostly empty Admirals Club. As the Superbowl ended, I decided to head to the gate and board.

DFW-ORD (810 Miles)

As I boarded the brand new 737, I was greeted by familiar faces of the crew from my previous flight. I love seeing familiar faces on flights! Always be nice to the crew, you never know when you’ll run into them again. They also know way more about you than you think they do. They keep notes, good and bad. The flight was smooth. I was also upgraded, and was surprised to find the Seat-Back entertainment is free in First Class. After a quick screening of one of my favorite movies “Dumb & Dumber” I was back in Chicago ready for another great week of work.

Overall, this year is moving right along. I’m slightly behind pace for Executive Platinum, but trying hard to get there! 7,111 Miles down 92,889 to go! This series of flights helped earned me more valuable 500-Mile Upgrades and nearly 10,000 redeemable miles. I’d like to get a few more long flights in before March when the Advantage Program changes go into effect, but we’ll see where the new year takes me!

Safe Travels!