The other day I took a mileage run, to earn a few extra redeemable miles before the American Airlines Devaluation, from Chicago to Miami for miles, but also to experience AA’s new cabin on their 767. The cabin features new business class seats and an updated economy cabin. I nearly missed my flight and the whole day turned out a little more hectic than expected, but thanks to American Airlines re-opening the plane door I was able to experience the updated business class cabin thanks to my Platinum status earning me a domestic upgrade.

Reopening the Door

I was quite impressed with the new 767 Business Class cabin. I was able to fly in the Old 767 cabin on my flight from DFW to SEA this past year and enjoyed the new retrofit much more than the old product. The old business class had a 2-2-2 layout. If you wanted a window seat you would be blocked in by the person in the aisle if they decided to turn the seat into a bed. The seat also was not fully lie-flat, I realize being able to lay down is a huge luxury, but it was odd laying at an angle in the old seat. The new cabin is 1-2-1 meaning every person has aisle access. Each seat is fully lie-flat and extremely comfortable. The seats also have a desk next to them to put books or laptops during the flight.

767 Retrofit

I really enjoyed my flight in the new cabin. I am a big fan of the design and simplicity of the cabin, but also the amount of space each passenger gets in the new business class seats. There is ample room to spread out and relax on the flight. AA’s new 777 Retrofit is a similar design, but each passenger gets a little less space in their seat than on the 767. If you have the option between the 767 Retrofit and the 777 Retrofit I’d chose the 767. My flight home from Miami was only a few hours, but I can only imagine how enjoyable a long haul flight would be.

Below are a few pictures from the flight:

Touchpad to control the seat


American Airlines 767-300 Retrofit Business Class Cabin
Below average chicken dinner


American Airlines Terminal at Chicago O’hare