From a Company’s perspective, Women are better business travelers than their male counterparts! In a study conducted by Carson Wagonlit Travel it was noted that women, on average, book business travel earlier than men. The travel agency reviewed 6.4 million reservations booked by 1.8 million people in 2014. They found that women booked travel roughly 1.9 days sooner than men. They also found older travelers book sooner than younger travelers. Also, the more frequently someone books travel, the shorter the advance booking time is.

The most notable finding was the fact that as a whole, regardless of age or travel frequency, women book travel 1.9 days sooner than men. Those 1.9 days equate to roughly a $17.00 difference between men and women. Meaning women spend roughly $17 less on corporate travel than men. This $17 represents about a 2% savings based on the cost of the average ticket price booked. The study also noted that if a Company does not maintain strict controls on travel policy that men will tend to spend $100+ more than women when booking business travel.

When you consider how much money is spent on travel at some large Companies, 2% savings adds up quickly.

Carson Wagonlit published a whitepaper discussing the results of the research.