Several months ago I received a promotional email from Uber letting me know that I could earn SPG Starpoints for riding with Uber. At the time, I did not have an SPG account so I decided to sign up and register for the promotion, but the promotion requires that you spend at least 1 night in an SPG property to activate the promotion. I had forgotten about the promotion until my recent stay at the Aloft Milwaukee Downtown. Very shortly after my stay, I received an email from SPG letting me know that my account is eligible to earn Starpoints with Uber.

Once the accounts are linked, all members will earn 1 Starpoint for every dollar spent with Uber at any time. If you use Uber during a stay at an SPG property, the deal is sweetened to 2 Starpoints per dollar spent for all members, 3 Starpoints per dollar spent for Gold members, and 4 Starpoints per dollar spent for Platinum members.

I think this is a great promotion, it incentives travelers to use Uber while stay at an SPG property, but it also lets you earn Starpoints while not staying at an SPG property! What’s better, is this deal is “stackable” with the existing deal to earn 2x Membership Rewards points from American Express when you use an American Express credit card to pay for your trip. Now you can earn Starpoints and Membership Rewards points on the same Uber ride.

Also, I recently split a fare with a friend and found that Starpoints are earned on the total trip cost! So even though I only paid $5.00 for the ride, I earned the full 10 Starpoints on my ride.

I hope this helps boost both your Membership Rewards and Starpoints as you work toward your points goals.

Safe Travels!